Calculator Applications

The Calculator Applications contest consists of 80 questions for Junior High and 70 questions for High School. In 30 minutes, contestants solve punch-problems (aka "number crunchers"), word problems, and geometry problems. Both speed and accuracy are emphasized in this contest.
Availability and Grade Levels
Organization 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-12
UIL Junior High Tests High School Tests
PSIA Junior High Tests
TMSCA Elementary Tests Junior High Tests High School Tests
TAPPS High School Tests
Workbooks and Practice Tests
  • Mastering Calculator Applications -- This workbook teaches students how to work problems found on the Calculator Applications test, including the punch problems, word problems, and geometry problems. The workbook discusses specifically the functions of the TI-84 and the HP-33s (for using RPN). Details on formatting answer and short-cuts to achieving a faster result are included. Primarily geared toward Junior High students, the workbook also works great with novice High School students. Includes formulas and functions needed for success. The workbook also features practice problems through the book on the current topics to provide extra practice and promote learning. The workbook concludes with two Junior High practice calculator tests. For more practice, see the Junior High Calculator Word and Geometry Problem Workbook below.
  • Junior High Calculator Word and Geometry Problem Workbook -- The Word and Geometry Problem Workbook is an excellent resource for students to study Calculator Applications problems without having to do all the punch-problems first. The workbook has 120 word problems organized by topic and 160 geometry problems organized by the page number where the problem would appear in the test. Excellent for Junior High and new High School Calculator Apps students.
  • High School Practice Tests -- Sets come with four or five tests (depending on the year) with answers and solutions to word problem and geometry problems.
  • Junior High Practice Tests -- Practice tests come in sets of five and include the answers.
  • Punch Problem Practice Workbook -- This workbook designed for high school students offers over 1000 practice punch problems (number crunchers) in the new format (except for last page which is still numbers 61-65 instead of 66-70) of the calculator test. The workbook is organized by the page of the actual calculator test where certain type of problems will appear.